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Suran Pipe Industry is located at the junction of four provinces and cities: Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia.
It serves as the northern gateway to Beijing and has historical significance as a strategic location.

Situated in the culturally rich city of Zhangjiakou, the factory covers an area of over 30,000 square meters and was established in 2014.

It has invested in more than 20 sets of advanced production equipment from both domestic and international sources.

These facilities are utilized to manufacture a range of products, including PP-R water supply pipes and fittings,

NFBPP-R (PP-RCT) inorganic (nanoscale) composite B-crystalline random copolymer polypropylene pipes for heating and hot water, PB (polybutene) water supply and heating pipes,

PE-RT heating pipes, aluminum-plastic composite pipes, PVC-U water supply and drainage pipes,

PE water supply pipes, HDPE drainage pipes, drip irrigation belts, EPDM-PP ultra-silent drainage pipes, MPP power sleeves,

PVC-C power sleeves, and specialized pipes for chemical anti-corrosion, totaling ten categories of products.

Development Timeline

- 2014: Established in Wanquan Economic Development Zone, Hebei Province.

- 2015: Became a member of the China Plastics Processing Association.

- 2015: Recognized as one of China's top ten brands for geothermal heating pipes.

- 2015: Designated as a trustworthy consumer (brand) by the 315 Focus Campaign.

- 2016: Acknowledged as an enterprise with integrity.

- 2017: Recognized as a high-tech enterprise.

- 2018: Designated as a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in Hebei Province.

- 2019: Recognized as an advanced unit in the "Hundred Enterprises Assisting Hundred Villages" initiative.

- 2019: Recognized as a caring enterprise for elderly care, poverty alleviation, and empowerment.

- 2019: Awarded the title of Outstanding Member Unit by the High-tech Zone Chamber of Commerce.

- 2020: Honored as a caring enterprise by the Zhangjiakou Women's Federation.

- 2021: Acknowledged as an enterprise with outstanding contributions by the Wanquan District Chamber of Commerce.

- 2022: Awarded titles such as Hebei Province's Specialized, Fine, New, Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Innovation-oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology.

Quality Commitment

Since its inception, the company has strictly adhered to the ISO9001 quality management system throughout the entire process, from product design, equipment procurement, and raw material intake to production.

The company's commitment to quality and service has helped it win in the market. By focusing on technology and innovation,

the company aims to provide specialized, dedicated, and professional services to enhance living environments and improve the quality of life.